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Persian Heriz Rugs

The Geometrical Genius of Fine Persian Heriz Rugs

The Heriz rug is one of the most popular and recognizable of the Persian rugs, and for good reason. It is one of the longest-known cultivated rug patterns found. The Heriz rug takes its name from the city of Heriz in the now called country of Iran. The Heriz rug can be described as a geometric interpretation of a curvilinear design resulting in bold patterns and rich colors that work together to create a visually striking genre of rug that is just as popular today as it has been for centuries.

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The Persian Heriz Rug

The city of Heriz, just east of Tabriz in modern day Iran is home to some of the most famous of Persian rugs. Heriz carpets are primarily distinguished by their bold geometric patterns. These patterns came into being as a less sophisticated interpretation of a more intricate curvilinear design. The resulting rug design, while less technical than that of Tabriz, became one of the most pleasing patterns to the eye. Since their inception, centuries ago, these rugs have been some of the most popular ever woven. 

Persian Heriz Rugs are associated with the city of Heriz as well as the surrounding villages. Indeed much of the territory of Northwest Iran can lay claim to authentic Heriz rugs and carpets. To the informed individual, different villages have variations of the main geometric pattern. For instance the village of Ahar is known for a more floral pattern and the Sharabian rug is known for its weaving density. 

Heriz rugs are found in many sizes, but due to their bold sweeping patterns they lend themselves to the larger room sized pieces. The rich saturated colors and large geometric patterns of the Heriz rug have made it a favorite in the design profession. These beautiful rugs are equally suited to the antique collector as well as a more contemporary decor. The beauty and versatility of these rugs have earned them a reputation for artistic enjoyment as well as lasting value. Antique Heriz rugs are highly sought after for their patina and unique designs. 

Heriz rugs are highly durable due to the conditions and environment in which the sheep are raised. Wool from the area is sought after for its luster and durability. Additionally it is said that the minerals in the soil unique to the region assists the dye stuff in fixing to the wool. These elements as well as the skillfull art of the Heriz weaver have produced a textile that the world has universally accepted as a fine and collectable foundation for any decor.  

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